Motor Wokshop With Used Car System

Cost Saving , Stability , Effective

This Software is specially designed for Motor Workshops and Used Car Dealer to improve and control daily operation and time saving on billing and inventory also customer relationship.


Used Car Function

  • Outstanding vehicle reseller inquiry
  • Vehicle reseller profit margin inquiry
  • Vehicle reseller profit margin by salesman
  • Vehicle added attachment files
  • Each vehicle purchase belong to 1 purchase invoice


Motor Workshop Function

  • Stock / Service and Package Master File
  • Operation Transaction File - Job Sheet Direct Update to Purchase and Sales Invoice or Cash sales
  • Appointment
  • Customer Receive Payment
  • Customer matching
  • Customer Statement
  • Supplier Pay Bill
  • Supplier Matching
  • Supplier Statement
  • Add disable field at system option for job sheet and
  • sales invoice / cash sales.



  • Sales Margin Analysis Report
  • Monthly Sales Analysis Report
  • Monthly Purchase Analysis Report
  • Print Voucher and Official Receipt
  • Collection and Payment Report
  • Payment report
  • Stock Ledger Report
  • Stock Month End Balance Report



  • Fast tracking , time saving and cost efficient
  • Compliments with and speeds up sales transaction
  • Provide better service and improve customer relationship.
  • Reduces unnecessary operating errors.



User friendly and a wide range of automotive workshop management software, with billing, inventory control and vehicle transaction history.