Product Overview

Master Accounting & Billing is a simple standard book-keeping system which consists of cash book, purchase day book, sales day book, and journal book. Despite its easy navigation and user-friendly interface, users are allowed to generate customized reports and modified graphical charts to present their business information.

The information generated and maintained will be very valuable for you to monitor the business performance and make needful decision to expand or improve the outcome. Let the system handle the mess and you focus on planning!


 Software Features

  • No Year End Closing
  • Primary Book Keeping Entries (cash book, sales book, purchases book, journal book)
  • Real-Time Automatic Posting
  • Chart of Account Structure (up to 10 level of sub-account)
  • Daily Bank Reconciliation
  • Up-to-Date Debtor Statement
  • User Based Access Control
  • Unlimited Pre-Number Document (e.g. invoices, payment voucher)
  • Recurring Journal Template
  • Recurring payment  Template
  • Fast Entry for Cash Book , Sales Book , Purchase Book
  • Credit Limit and Term Control Checking
  • Invoice with Tax Inquiry
  • Document Attachment
  • Debtor Multi payment
  • Supplier payment proposal
  • Import From excel Function
  • Advance Cash Book Information
  • Cash Book By Monthly Inquiry
  • Income Statement with Budget
  • Commission by Amount Scheme
  • Commission by Period Scheme


Only basic accounting knowledge is necessary

No  more confusing debit and credit journal entries.  Master accounting does most  of  this work for you. Once  you  have  entered  the  information,  the  accounting  system  rearranges  and  summarizes   it   into meaningful reports.


Modern and easier-to-use interface

Enter your data onto familiar forms onscreen and eliminates all unnecessary and complicating steps. Press F1  key to pop out a similar screen and click the unsure section to get an explanation on what you need  to do.


One step to finish your job

You will  only have  to  enter information once.  You  do  not  need  to  make double journal entries yourself because master accounting does that for you behind the screens.


Integrates with Microsoft Office

You  can  export  your  reports  to   Microsoft Excel  anytime,  or  import master file from Microsoft Office.


Remembers customer and supplier pricing

Remembers  your  customers'  and  suppliers'  product  last  pricing when  you  issue  purchase orders  or invoices, and calculates sales tax for you.

Tracks your Sales Order and Purchase Order status

You can track the inquiry that show the number of items backordered for your customers to help you plan your purchases. Even the most complex processes are streamlined so your productivity can soar.


International standard report outputs and more

Once  you  have entered the information,  the system will  produce standard management  and financial reports to enable you to make quick decisions for your business. All reports are date sensitive, so you can call out your reports anytime for printing.


Easy to correct your mistakes

Easy to edit or correct any mistakes. When you encounter an error in your updated transactions.


More security control

Enables you to set up different users with different passwords, or disables part of the functions to control user to modify data and print reports, so that you will use this system with confidence.


No month-end and year-end closing routine necessary

No  need  to perform any month-end and year-end closing exercises.  We  do  it easily  by locking  the date after your accounts are finalized. You can unlock the date to modify previous transaction if you need to.


Online technical support

Online service is  a valuable and convenient resource for getting the answers to frequently-asked product questions. It's here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.